Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tile

Add Flair to Your Home with Ceramic Tile in Davenport, IA

If you’re planning to build a new home or are in the midst of a remodeling job, then you’ve got choices to make, the most important of which concerns flooring. You need to give it plenty of thought because it’s a major design point and one that gets plenty of use day-in and day-out. You need to settle upon one that looks great but also is durable. You need ceramic tile in Davenport, IA.

The staff at Flooring America of Davenport is ready to help you with this decision. They’ll learn about your project and design tastes, so you are sure to find the exact tile choices that complement the style of your home, whether it’s new or not.

For the Long Haul

Flooring is a major addition that sets the tone for design throughout your home. Not only do you want something that looks great, but you also have to consider how long it’s going to last. You need a flooring choice that is ready for the long haul because it’s not feasible to consider replacing your floors every couple of years.

With ceramic tile flooring, durability won’t be an issue. It’s adaptable to any room in your home and stands up admirably to all sorts of uses and traffic patterns.

It has water resistance so you can place it with confidence in your bathroom or kitchen, and it has the stylish looks that work well in your entryway or living room. It’s the type of style that has staying power, and that also contributes to its longevity because your floors tie in well with any existing décor.

Variety is the Key

Ceramic comes in many varieties, and that means you don’t have to worry about the same flooring across your home unless that’s the look you’re going for. You can get tile that looks like wood or even marble. Tile offers many robust, modern designs, and you can have a different design installed in each area of your home for style with substance. Whatever type you choose, and whether you decide upon ceramic or porcelain, rest assured that cleanup is a breeze. All that’s required is sweeping and the occasional damp mopping.

The variety extends to the fact that this material isn’t just limited to floors. If you’re considering ceramic tile for bathrooms, keep in mind that it’s an outstanding and popular choice for walls as well, not just floors. We have many brands of wall tile in our vast inventory, and our friendly staff is ready to give you the support you need.

Let the Pros Handle It

When you’ve made your choices, let us support you for your porcelain or ceramic tile installation. Our installers are well versed in every flooring we sell, and will make sure your floors are cut and laid to measure with the skill that only professionals can provide.

Contact us to learn more about the wide range of ceramic tiles we carry. We are proud to serve customers in and around Davenport, IA.


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