Luxury Vinyl Flooring

luxury vinyl flooring

Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Davenport, IA

luxury vinyl flooring in davenportGive your family and guests something better to stand on by installing luxury vinyl tile. Available in so many different varieties and colors, our LVT products can complement anyone’s taste. Why settle for old flooring when we offer you a more appealing option? Unlike vinyl floors of long ago, the flooring we carry is durable, appealing, and very stylish. At our luxury vinyl tile store, we stock high-quality products that are unmatched in resilience and beauty.

Add distinct appeal to your home or business with our selection of luxury vinyl plank or wood-look vinyl. Due to modern advancements in technology in floor manufacturing, LVT comes in all varieties and are fabricated to look just like other flooring materials. We stock our showroom with many attractive flooring options that impress. We carry excellent, recognized brands, such as Coretech®. Stop by our store to browse a large selection of products that are certain to suit your needs.

Many Selections at Our Luxury Vinyl Tile Store

Built to last for years even in moisture-prone rooms, LVT resilient flooring is an excellent choice for property owners that want attractive and long-lasting floors. Highly resilient and made to look like ceramic, hardwood, stone, and other types of floors, these products come in many styles, such as luxury vinyl plank (LVP) and luxury wood vinyl. Stop by our luxury vinyl tile store, and we’ll assist you as your browse our showroom.

Resilient Flooring That Lasts for Years

Due to the latest advances in flooring, LVT floors are now more durable than ever before. We are proud to offer top-quality vinyl floors that hold up under many years of wear. Just as the name suggests, resilient flooring proves hardy in even the most active households and businesses.

In addition, these flooring options offer stunning beauty as well as impressive performance. If you are in search of new floors that hold up under heavy foot traffic and enhance your space, this is the perfect option for you.

Luxury Vinyl Plank & Wood-Look Vinyl Floors

Taking advantage of 3D printing technology, flooring manufacturers create luxury vinyl plank and wood-like vinyl floors that capture the style, pattern, and color of any material, such as wood or ceramic. They create amazing depth and realism that may fool even your most observant guests. Let our flooring experts help you choose the perfect flooring for your next project. Strong and versatile, vinyl tile easily enhances any room in your home or business.

Give your home added character with wood-look vinyl floors. These floors do not warp because they are resistant to moisture and temperature changes. Choose the look you want. We have vinyl floors that are manufactured to look like a variety of wood species. Whatever you select, your new flooring will add rich character to your home or business.

Do You Need LVT Installation?

Your new floor needs a strong and level surface. To ensure you have long-lasting, quality floors, it’s vital to accurately prepare the surface. That’s why our professional installers take special care to do everything right. We use a team that is skilled at ensuring your floor is smooth, clean, and level before luxury vinyl flooring installation. You’ll be impressed with the finished product for many years to come.


Contact us for more information about our luxury vinyl floors we have in stock. We proudly serve customers throughout Davenport, Bettendorf, Rock Island, East Moline, and Silvis, Iowa, as well as the surrounding areas.


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