Luxury Vinyl Tile

luxury vinyl tile

Luxury Vinyl Tile in Davenport, IA

luxury vinyl tile in davenport, iaWhen looking for a long lasting attractive flooring option that will improve the aesthetic appeal and durability of your interior, come to Flooring America of Davenport. Your home or business deserves flooring that will stand the test of time against foot traffic. We offer a vast selection of luxury vinyl tile in Davenport, IA, that is sure to suit your design requirements.

Your floors are the focal point in any space even if it’s not the first thing you look at when you walk into a room. Wall color, furniture, and accents all tie into the coloring chosen for your floors to get the best flow in your space. Desirable luxury vinyl tiles are one of the most versatile flooring choices available on the market.

Perfect Flooring for Your Space Installed For You

Flooring America of Davenport is stocked with assorted flooring colors, designs, and brands that are both practical and versatile. With so many options to choose from one can’t help but feel a little overwhelmed by what will work best for your particular space. Rest assured our staff of design professionals is ready to assist you in finding the perfect luxury vinyl tile floor that will work and look fantastic with your design vision.

We will help you choose from our wide variety of stylish choices that are sure to stand strong especially in your high traffic areas. Pick a design to accentuate your space with all the charisma of genuine hardwood. Our flooring specialists are ready to deliver a product that withstands the scrapes and spills of daily living. While many begin this process believing they must sacrifice the look they want for the performance they need, luxury vinyl provides them with the best of both worlds. Allow us to schedule a luxury vinyl tile floor installation for you, so you are sure to get that perfectly laid finish you deserve.

Due to their unique composition, our luxury vinyl tiles can be placed in areas that are exposed to moisture like bathrooms, basements, and kitchens. Protect the subfloor below to get the most value from your flooring investment. While some floors may need to be torn out, and subfloor damage must be repaired, an LVT floor can be installed above a variety of existing flooring products. With a proper installation from our skilled team and regular maintenance, you’ll enjoy your floors for years to come.


Contact us today at Flooring America of Davenport for more information on our luxury vinyl tile. We proudly serve Davenport, IA, as well as Bettendorf, Rock Island, East Moline, and Silvis, and Iowa.


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